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Lembaga Sahabat Mandiri (LSM) 

LSM believes that disability should not be a road block to achieving one's full potential in life.  It is their passion to help the blind be independent and achieve equality in jobs and education.


LSM offers computer courses in different parts of Indonesia to equip the blind with a basic proficient skill in personal computers.  Special voice software installed in any personal computer, it enables the computer to 'speak' to the user, whether 'reading' the name of the application chosen, or 'reading back' what is being typed. 


It is LSM's goal for the blind in Indonesia to be able to earn good income to better their future and their families. No longer will they be stereotyped into the few jobs currently available to them.  No longer will there be limits on the level of education they aspire to achieve.  The ability to use a computer opens the door to higher education and career potential.

LSM is led by Pastor Then Willing, who himself is blind. 

Will you consider helping LSM achieve this goal? If you are able, please follow this link.

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