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Education Elevation Project:

Promote and support education in Indonesia through the following programs:

Read more about these organizations and their programs here.

Community Elevation Project:

Encourage and organize volunteer events for Indonesians living abroad by partnering with local non-profit organizations. We believe in giving back our time to communities where we live. Why volunteer? Please follow this link to get an idea of our past events.

Elevation Library Project:

Share materials such as books, videos, music, and websites that will foster growth and compassion of heart, mind, and action toward our neighbors and justice in our communities. You can find our list of recommendations here.

We also distribute a limited amount of the media on our recommendation list.  Our library works on a 'lending-forward' model; we 'lend' limited copies of the media with the commitment that you will 'lend' it again to your circle of friends and families (who in turn will also 'lend-it-forward').  We do not require the materials to be returned to us. Contact us to 'check out' what we currently have on hand.

Elevation Generation Project:

Sponsor Indonesian children through reputable non-profit organizations such as: Wahana Visi Indonesia, WorldVision.org and Compassion.com.  

Support micro entrepreneurs in Indonesia who work towards the betterment of their children through the following organizations: Kiva and World Vision Micro.

Contribute to student loans for Indonesian students through Vittana

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  • Community Elevation Quarterly Project: Give 50+ hours back to community every 3 months 
  • Education Elevation Fundraiser Project: Sponsor 20 Roslin Orphanage's children school tuition/fees
  • Education Elevation Fundraiser Project: 2 Smartpoint units
  • Education Elevation Fundraiser Project: 1 LSM's one-week computer course
  • Education Elevation Fundraiser Project: Sponsor 2 individuals for Teaching degree school tuition/fees
  • Elevation Library Project: Lend-it-Forward 5 titles/items this year to 10 parties
  • Elevation Generation Child Sponsorship Project: Sponsor 5 new children this year through WVI
  • Elevation Generation Microlending Project: Sponsor 10 micro entrepreneurs through Kiva and WVMicro


For the most recent milestones and our updated accomplishments, please visit our facebook page.

You can help by serving together, donating any amount and networking with us.