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Roslin Orphanage

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Roslin Orphanage is dedicated to the displaced and underprivileged children of West Timor. Founded in 2002 by an airline captain Budi Soehardi and his family, the orphanage has served as a haven for 100+ children for more than a decade.

Roslin Orphanage believes in education as the means to break the cycle of poverty. They are committed to supporting and providing education to the children until a minimum of graduating high school; at which time the children will go back to their communities and give back to locals to better their future as they have promised.

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Roslin Orphanage is located in Kupang, West Timor, Indonesia.   Elevation Projects sponsors Roslin Orpahange children's education tuition and fees.  For the latest updates, please check out their blog here.

Will you consider helping Roslin Orphanage? If you are able, please follow this link

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