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Why Connect? 

We can't do it alone.  Indonesia is a country of 240+ million people and 17,000+ islands. 70+ million are children under the age of eighteen.  100+ million of the population still lives on less than $2/day. We can slow down and shrink this overwhelming statistic only with your help and involvement.

Connect. Network. Partner with us.

Share your ideas with us on how to help children in Indonesia and better their future. Share with us your cause in Indonesia. 

Elevate your circle of influence. Let us spread the word and create the awareness.

Networking Ideas:

  • Help us run a fundraiser event
  • Influence a friend to serve with you once a month
  • Read and share our blog
  • Like us on fb and share our facebook updates
  • Follow us on twitter and re-tweet our tweets

No matter where you live, partner with us and let us together elevate one community at a time. 

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Hope to hear from you soon.


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