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Why Give? 

Your giving enables the good works in Indonesia and empowers the people behind them. The amount itself is secondary, sending a message that we support them is the primary goal.  Please give only if you're able. 

Donation Ideas

Please note that we currently have a pending 501(c)(3) status. 

Here are some donation ideas: 

  • $2000 to sponsor a training program for Lembaga Sahabat Mandiri
  • $2000 to sponsor a whole unit of Smartpoint
  • $1600 to sponsor a 3-yr Teaching degree for an aspiring teacher through GRAPP
  • $250 to sponsor a cooking outing at Breakthrough Urban Ministry in Chicago, IL
  • $200 to sponsor an Indonesian child through Wahana Visi Indonesia for the whole year
  • $150 to sponsor a Roslin Orphanage's child education fees and supplies for a whole year
  • $25 to sponsor Indonesian entrepreneurs through Kiva and WVMicro
  • $25 to sponsor an Indonesian student loan through Vittana 
  • $20 towards pooled funds that will be distributed to where they are most needed

Please specify, "General" or one of our core projects (education, community, library or generation) on how you want your gift used.

100% of your donation will go towards our projects.  

You can donate using a credit card here

If you prefer to send your gift instead, please make checks payable to 'Elevation Projects' and mail it to:  

  • Elevation Projects
  • 1192 Clarence Avenue #4
  • Oak Park, IL 60304

No amount is too small. We are grateful for any donation and believe that both you and the recipient will be blessed by your giving. Together we can make a significant impact in Indonesia. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity. 


Elevation Projects